Yukio “Peter” Shumi, Managing Partner, LeverageYukio “Peter” Shumi, Managing Partner
Leverage is an industry-leading Japanese professional service organization that provides a full range of executive search, management assessment, human capital consulting, and executive coaching services to foreign and domestic capitalized firms, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions operating in Japan and Asia. The company’s combined resources and integrated services provide significant value to multinational companies facing complex issues in Japan, Asia, and globally.

Leverage is a Japanese executive recruitment agency that also offers consulting and outsourcing services throughout Asia. All privacy rules in Japan and Asia are respected and followed by us. The company’s Privacy Policy was created in accordance with the Japanese Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation in Japan and Asia that govern the recruiting and executive search business. Leverage is a privately held company with active management by its equity partners. Since they are not required to report quarterly results to shareholders or investors who are not actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the company, the company can prioritize the interests of their clients over personal profits and adhere to their timing preferences.

In Asia, Leverage provides retained executive search services to businesses that are launching, planning for management succession, reorganizing, and implementing development initiatives. The company provides a full suite of dedicated services for the planning and hands-on execution of executive management termination and redundancy, as well as interim management solutions, for clients who choose to alter and replace their existing management in Japan or Asia for any cause. Leverage can provide the finest assessment of internal and external managing candidates by being involved in all aspects of the management transitioning process.

Leverage has developed many consulting modules to fulfill clients’ assessment needs in the areas of testing, 360-degree feedback, employee surveys, and skill simulation evaluation based on vast expertise. The firm aids clients with the administration, scoring, and reporting of assessments. In terms of assessment content, scoring, and feedback, the company’s solutions can be readily and swiftly customized. Talent Review, Succession Management, Hiring Decisions and Promotions, and Private Equity Investments are all areas where Leverage may help.

Leverage provides a broad spectrum of M&A, downsizing, and restructuring services. Due diligence, integrations, restructurings, turnarounds, and cost-cutting plans are all handled by the firm. The firm focuses on critical human capital concerns that are connected to our client’s business strategy. Hidden pension liabilities, incompatible leadership teams, convoluted award plans, and mismatched cultures can all be discovered with the help of the company’s teams. Leverage can provide hands-on solutions and assist with the communication process after recognizing the challenges.
  • Leverage provides retained executive search services to businesses that are launching, planning for management succession, reorganizing, and implementing development initiatives

Bill Johns of Leverage has teamed up with John Wakefield to develop “QuickReview360,” a B2B cloud-based solution for mid-market and corporate firms in Japan that are not satisfied with their current performance review process, how it is run, or its effectiveness. For the majority of his career, John worked at Goldman Sachs and Fidelity in senior executive IT and technology leadership roles, with a strong focus on Japan and Asia. QuickReview360 is a cloud-based tool that assists clients in developing a culture of regular feedback, digital appreciation, and encouragement. It’s essentially a 360-degree feedback system that also measures performance, so it’s more than just a personal development tool. In addition, Leverage also has in-house Finance & Accounting Experts who can offer extensive services and execute a wide variety of finance and accounting related projects.